The Advantages Of A Frameless Shower Screen

6 Advantages Of A Frameless Shower Screen


  When renovating a bathroom the inclusion of a shower space is almost always required. But there are several different options available. With options like sliding doors and bi-folds to pivot doors and quadrants it may seem a little overwhelming! One of the most popular choices is a frameless shower… Read more

The Advantages Of A Frameless Shower Screen

Estelle’s Tips for Renovating a Bathroom on a Budget


Current initiatives such as the HomeBuilder scheme are available for a limited time. This scheme gives builders and renovators extra funds for their projects. So now is a great time to consider renovating or remodelling your bathroom! Generally speaking, bathroom renovations can take around a month to do. They can… Read more

The Advantages Of A Frameless Shower Screen

Estelle’s Tips for Remodeling a Small Bathroom


Creating a relaxing space in a small bathroom can be difficult, especially when you have big ideas! It’s important to make the most out of your space. You should be looking around for tips and tricks to recover as much space  as possible. Looking for slimline bathroom essentials, compact fixtures,… Read more

The Advantages Of A Frameless Shower Screen

Stop Mould Growing In Your Bathroom


Lets be honest, no one wants mould in their bathroom. It’s unhygienic and looks bad! However mould is inevitable and happens to everyone’s bathroom. Mould is created in places where there is high humidity, such as in the shower, in the bath, in the sink, in and around corners of… Read more

The Advantages Of A Frameless Shower Screen

Three Tips For Your Bathroom Renovation


Renovating your bathroom is an exciting time. From deciding on a colour scheme to selecting the perfect basin and taps, the possibilities are limitless. Fortunately we are here to give you the three most important tips you must know when renovating your bathroom. First it is important to have an idea of what you envision your beautiful bathroom to look like. Single or double shower, timber or laminate vanity and which selection of floor and wall tiles would suit your individual bathroom. Another consideration is the lighting/heater light and if you would consider a heated bath towel rack for those cold winter nights. All this within your desired budget can be achieved. Let’s get on with the tips! Read more

The Advantages Of A Frameless Shower Screen

How To Protect Your Glass Shower Screen From Grime Build Up


A shower screen can inevitably becomes dull and dirty, and it can happen very quickly.  However, with the right knowledge you can remove build-up and grime without too much time and energy lost. They will often be subject to grime build-up from soap, shampoo, dirt, and mould. Showers are a breeding ground for mould with humidity and water and inadequate air ventilation. Listed below are maintenance and home remedies for a clean shower. Read more