Social Responsibility is not a new concept, yet it is one which is becoming important for businesses and indeed, the broader community. Estelle believes it is crucial to show support and give back to the communities we live and work in.
Estelle shows our appreciation for those who have the courage to make a difference in our communities. We proudly support local charities and other small businesses who are making a positive change.


A URG is used in conjunction with a router to machine grooves. URGs offer a way to help students complete projects quicker and safer than traditional methods of construction . They can incorporate emerging technology like laser cutters, CNC Shark, inlays and dovetails. This makes work faster, safer and easier.

The Haven offers a safe inclusive environment. They aim to empower and inspire women and help rebuild their lives with dignity following times of hardship.
The Haven aims to provide a range of services to inspire women with the strength to build independence . They aim to help women achieve a sense of community, connection and safety to enhance well being.