Estelle Ecosystem ®


Estelle ® has been the driving force in Australia’s frameless shower screen market for almost two decades.
We pioneered the elite Estelle ® range of hardware which continues to set the standard for innovation and quality to this day.
We understand the challenges that shower screen installers face in this competitive marketplace. This difficult task has inspired us to develop an exclusive solution. One which will help connect quality installers with Frameless shower screen customers.
We call it the Estelle EcoSystem ®. It is a handpicked group of installers who have a reputation for workmanship, customer service and excellence. We have the same values as these installers and we are proud to share our brand with them.
They represent Estelle ® and their shower screens feature hardware and products from our catalogues. These catalogues, featuring Estelle ® and Industry™, offer a game-changing, multi-tiered pricing structure. The Dual Price Point Sales Strategy™ give verifies installers a competitive edge over their rivals by offering customers different price points. Customers can then choose the product and the price that best suits their needs.
The Estelle EcoSystem ® is your way of ensuring genuine Estelle ® products are installed by quality tradies.