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How To Protect Your Glass Shower Screen From Grime Build Up

A shower screen can inevitably becomes dull and dirty, and it can happen very quickly.  However, with the right knowledge you can remove build-up and grime without too much time and energy lost. They will often be subject to grime build-up from soap, shampoo, dirt, and mould. Showers are a breeding ground for mould with humidity and water and inadequate air ventilation. Listed below are maintenance and home remedies for a clean shower.



After a person finishes their shower more often than not they will leave the shower door shut, which allows for the water and humidity to form mould. This mould will spread over the tiling grout, tiles, and corners of the shower screen.  Within a short time, this will cause your shower to look dirty and unclean. Installing a fan system and having windows open will help to ease the problem.

Regular Cleaning

Another good way to prevent dirty shower screens is to keep a soft bristle brush or towel handy (specifically a microfiber cloth), when you or a family member or friend finish their shower a quick wipe over the inside of the shower will help prevent grime build up and maintain a hygienic and well cared for shower.

Removing Scum

Removing scum can be difficult, we often wipe down the glass and it may look clean, but after the water dries it looks just as dirty as it was before! Try these at home DIY solutions:


Pour lemon juice onto a sponge and wipe over the affected area, in just a few minutes your shower screen will look good as new.


Vinegar works wonders. Dilute the vinegar in a spray bottle with 50/50 water and vinegar. Even add lemon for a nice scent. Wait a few minutes then use a soft towel or soft-bristled brush and rub off the grime and residue. Dry the screen with a paper towel and see how clean your glass will look!

Baking Soda

Baking soda is perfect for those tougher stains. Mix baking soda with some water to make a paste. Then layer the paste over the tough stains and use a soft-bristled brush (this is important to ensure you don’t scratch your glass screen). Baking soda will remove those harsh stains in no time.


For a quick fix use a ready-made paste – toothpaste! Layer the toothpaste over the hard to remove stains and wait a few minutes, use a damp towel to remove the toothpaste and scum, dry with a paper towel. Your shower screen will not only look squeaky clean, but it will also smell fresh as a bonus.

Quite often your shower screen is the focal point of your bathroom. That’s why we care about how you care for your screen.  Ensuring it always looks new will not only enhance the aesthetic look of your bathroom but it will make your glass shower screen shine. Your shower screen and the surrounding shower including the taps, shower rose and tiles will also need regular maintenance. By following our tips, we hope your shower screen stays looking brand new all year!

If your shower screen is due for an upgrade, it may be time to consider a new shower screen, why not install a brand new modern frameless shower screen to make cleaning easy! Our frameless shower screens are perfect for making cleaning simple and quick. Contact Estelle on 02 9834 4125