For this range we took inspiration from the traditional square and solid buildings which tower above the historic city of Boston. The squared finish and minimalist designs maintain a balance between simplicity and elegance.
Flat and smooth. Strong and symmetrical.

The Bracket plays an important role in a frameless shower screen. They secure the glass panels to the wall and to each other, without them the shower screen would fall apart.
Our comprehensive range of frameless shower fittings allow architects and decorators to create the most luxurious bathroom finishes.
Estelle hinges, brackets, handles and knobs are “Solid Brass” and match perfectly with each other. In order to do this our in-house team design team created these fixtures to complement all bathrooms from classic to ultra-modern.
For many years shower screen hardware was unexciting and lacked any style. For this reason Estelle introduced European and Cosmopolitan design cues to the Australian market. Estelle’s design team has engineered our fixtures to perfection! As a result we are confident in our products and we offer a lifetime guarantee.
Don’t let limitations fool you. Insist on Estelle.