STEALTH is a covert operation that is run by Estelle. Consequently we aimed to design, patent and manufacture a modern, industry-first hardware series that conceals all visible fixing screws, inside and out.

Mission Accomplished!


Prior to the STEALTH series, soap, shampoo and body fats would get trapped in the screw heads and cavities. This leaves behind a mess that is difficult to clean. As a result keeping fixtures clean and hygienic was difficult and required accessing tiny spaces with a toothbrush or similar tool to remove debris.

Estelle has used years of expertise and an in-house computer aided design supported by a research and development team to create a solution. 

The STEALTH series from Estelle features a smooth, clean slide-over surface which hides and protects the internal parts.

STEALTH hinges and bracket covers are available across the Boston, Aspen and Romano ranges. They immediately improved the hygiene of bathrooms and made cleaning a quick and simple wipe over.

STEALTH adds stunning luxury to frameless shower screens and only Estelle can offer such unrivalled aesthetics.

Mission Accomplished!