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The Advantages Of A Frameless Shower Screen

6 Advantages Of A Frameless Shower Screen


When renovating a bathroom the inclusion of a shower space is almost always required. But there are several different options available. With options like sliding doors and bi-folds to pivot doors and quadrants it may seem a little overwhelming! One of the most popular choices is a frameless shower screen. They are a sleek and minimalistic alternative to a framed showerscreen. They feature a simple, modern design with a glass panel supported by minimal hardware. As a result they provide a great choice for small bathrooms where maximizing space is often essential.


Frameless glass shower screens look sleek, modern and elegant. They make your bathroom space look more refined and unified and they allow other design elements to take centre stage. You can accent your shower screen with hinges, handles and brackets that come in a variety of styles and finishes. By using frameless glass doors instead of using framed glass you prevent a fight between your shower and the rest of your bathroom’s design.


Some enclosures, like quadrants and bi-folds, only come in a limited sizes and designs. When you opt for a frameless shower screen, you have the opportunity to create a customized solution for your bathroom. Customisation becomes particularly useful in bathrooms. It allows for the creation of a shower space tailored to your needs. It is crucial to have a shower designed to go with the rest of your bathroom to avoid the creation of tight spaces or awkward irregular shapes. A contractor hired through a service like Select-A-Quote can take this into account during the design process. They will help you create a shower space that fits into your bathroom perfectly.


Glass doors in any room can make it look bigger than it actually is and shower screen doors are no different. If you plan to sell your house within the next few years, you should opt for a frameless glass enclosure. These shower screens are aesthetically desirable and can increase your home’s value and entice potential buyers.


Frameless glass shower screens look more durable than they appear. Frameless shower screen fittings made by Estelle have undergone rigorous testing to ensure that they can endure the wear and tear of use. Estelle are so confident in their fittings that we give all our brass hardware a lifetime guarantee. If you give your shower screen proper maintenance, then they can last as long as your home does.


To clean Estelle’s fixtures only need warm water with a damp, soft cloth (microfibre) for cleaning. Chemicals and abrasives (e.g. Steel wool) should not be used as they can damage the fixture. As a result, Estelle’s hinges, brackets, and handles are largely maintenance free.


Other solutions like shower curtains can create a distinct barrier that can make your bathroom seem smaller. Clear glass shower screens create an organic flow that can make your bathroom look bigger.  Frameless shower screens also let more light into the enclosure which means you do not need to have a light fixture over the top of your shower space.


Installing a frameless shower screen can be a huge addition to your next renovation. They can go with almost any style, can be customized to fit and can increase both the aesthetic and financial value of your bathroom. The best part is that they have become easy to install thanks to Select-A-Quote. If you are thinking of renovating then a frameless shower screen is a requirement to create the perfect bathroom.