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Estelle’s Tips for Renovating a Bathroom on a Budget

Current initiatives such as the HomeBuilder scheme are available for a limited time. This scheme gives builders and renovators extra funds for their projects. So now is a great time to consider renovating or remodelling your bathroom!

Generally speaking, bathroom renovations can take around a month to do. They can cost you from as little as $5,000 through to $30,000 or even higher! The Estelle Team have thought of 3 tips and tricks to help you invest your time and money while you renovate.


With a bit of planning and smart decision making it is possible to reduce the time and costs to build your dream bathroom. This is easily the most significant way to reduce costs in both time and money in any renovation project. Knowing what you want your bathroom to look like when you have finished your renovation is a crucial step in minimizing costs. This also grounds your project in reality and makes the renovation project a lot easier.

You should try to create a budget and track spending throughout the project. This will help you know how much your renovation is costing you and you can adjust your ambitions as you go. Not planning your space or forgetting to think a design through will not only cost you time, but it can also blow out your budget!

It’s also important to think about how you can maximize return on your investment. Bathrooms can greatly affect your property’s value. Investing in things like shelves for storage space or updating old fixtures can ensure that you get the most out of your money.


This is an effective way to reduce your costs. To make this easy Estelle offers a few different ranges of frameless shower screen fixtures and bathroom accessories that come at different price levels. Our STATESMAN range is our premium option it is our best performing but also our most expensive. Estelle’s classic ranges, the ASPEN, BOSTON and ROMANO, are our most popular items and are a good mid-level option. Our economy option, the INDUSTRY range is a good entry level and competes with our other competitors. However, this line it is NOT made by Estelle and as a result it does not have a lifetime guarantee.

Estelle also runs a service called “Select-A-Quote”, this service can provide you with a list of your local shower screen installers. You can use this to compare their prices which will help you save money. By making different price points for our shower screen fixtures available and providing services to help with installation, Estelle has made it easy for our customers to find a lower cost alternative (that can help you stay under budget) OR for Premium renovations, Estelle has world leading cutting edge products to provide that LUX feel and impress the neighbours.


Completely changing your bathroom’s layout is very expensive. If you are on a very strict budget then instead of doing a complete remodel it might be worthwhile to look into how you can improve what you already have.  You could consider retrofitting your bathroom fixtures, fittings and hardware. This can create a more modern look and can significantly impact how your bathroom presents itself.

Estelle offers a wide range of fittings and bathroom accessories. These come in standard finishes like Matte Black and Polished Chrome to more boutique variants like Rose Gold and Brushed Brass. Switching your finishes on something like your shower screen hinges, brackets and handles can have a dramatic impact on your bathroom’s presentation. Focusing on your bathroom fixtures and hardware can be a cost-effective solution. Changing them can sometimes be so easy you can do it yourself which further reduces costs as you do not have to contact an installer or tradesman.


For most people your bathroom is where you start and finish your day. It’s a space to offer a fresh and pleasurable experience to start the day or unwind and it’s a room that can affect the design of your entire house. A modern bathroom can be a huge factor if you’re planning on selling your house as they can increase your property’s value. Likewise, it needs to be your sanctuary for many years to come. So, it is crucial to approach a renovation with care to create both a pleasurable space for yourself whilst maximising the return on your investment.