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Estelle® stays up to speed on what new and exciting finishes are desired by world leaders in construction designing and what finishes they’ll require.

At Estelle® complicated special finishes are NOT complicated.

Not all finishes are held in stock – Almost any finish is available – Non stock finishes require extended lead times.

Since finishes are constantly changing with time and fashion, if you require a finish that’s not listed here contact us, it may be available.

See Finishes Brochure

Finish             Amount held in stock

Polished Chrome                100% of E3 Catalogue

Satin Nickel                          Approx 80% of E3 Catalogue

Gold Polished                      Approx 40% of E3 Catalogue

Matte Black                          Approx 60% of E3 Catalogue (Boston Range only)

Rose Gold                             Approx 40% of E3 Catalogue (Boston Range only)

Brushed Brass                     Approx 40% of E3 Catalogue (Boston Range only)

Brushed Brass Lacquer      Approx 40% of E3 Catalogue (Boston Range only)

Polished Brass                     FB1 and FH10-2 in Stock only , 6-8 weeks to supply

Polished Nickel                    *non Stock finish 5-7 weeks to supply

Polished Brass Lacquer      *non Stock finish 5-7 weeks to supply

Satin Chrome                       *non Stock finish 5-7 weeks to supply

Matte Chrome                     *non Stock finish 5-7 weeks to supply

Estelle Also Stock Aluminium Water Bar in Clear Acrylic, Satin Silver, Gold Polish, Matte Black and Polished Silver. note not all profiles available in all finishes

Polished Chrome-

The trusted and forever bright. Estelle’s Polished chrome is highlighted by hand polishing and triple thickness plating.

Gold Polish-

Federation or modern the Classic Gold Polished always has a place in that special bathroom with PVD plating for extra durabilty

Matte Black-

The trend setter.  Introduced in 2014, Estelle’s Matte Black finish is more popular now then ever. Electroplated to perfection!

Satin Nickel

Nickel plating is on the rise and that brushed look makes its natural features really pop. Perfectly matches the trending tapware finish.

Often referred to as “Brushed Nickel”

Brushed Brass-

Brushed Brass from Estelle is all organic. No lacquer or protective coating allows the brass to organically deteriorate and begin the natural aging effect.

Also available in BRUSHED BRASS LACQUER – Obviously the same as above but with a lacquered protective coating to hold the look of the finish.

Rose Gold-

Estelle’s Rose gold is all class. In high demand with high end designers, this finish never looks out of place.

Now also available in Brushed Rose Gold for that Copper/Champagne look.