Estelle® frameless shower screen hardware has long been renowned for its aesthetic beauty, innovative design and rugged dependability. Which is why we back every product with a life time guarantee.

Estelle® hinges, brackets and knobs are engineered to perform. Our hinges are machined to perfection and the brackets and knobs are made from solid brass. High strength stainless steel mounting screws and quality operating springs add to the rigidity and accuracy of each product.

We oversee the entire design-to-manufacture process and are the only manufacturer insisting on Double Quality Control checks before our products are sold. Every year our range continues to expand – our Estelle® catalogue has grown to 143 pages.

The European, Cosmopolitan influenced styling was created at our Sydney design centre and is preferred by architects, interior decorators and discerning home owners. We developed the innovative and patented STEALTH series with covers to hide the internal fixing mechanism and provide attractive mirror finish surfaces. We came up with an exciting range of contemporary easy to clean finishes. We developed the Power Grab® packer to ensure that glass doors won’t slip, even after being opened and closed thousands of times, and the exclusive to Estelle waterproofing and strengthening design is an industry-first.

Don’t accept imitations. When your installer arrives to upgrade your bathroom ask to see the concealed Estelle® logo machined on the inside of our most popular products. All Estelle® products are packaged with the Estelle® Brand clearly visible on all packaging.