The Statesman series combines the styling, functionality, innovation and cosmetic appeal of Estelle’s most popular products and technology. The Statesman series is the premium choice for your next bathroom.



Spearheading innovation the revolutionary, creative and advanced features of the STATESMAN are subtle, modern yet cutting edge and ingenious. Inspired from our STEALTH and BOSTON series, the STATESMAN takes frameless shower fittings to a whole new level.

A close look reveals it’s commanding stance, smooth, subtle and flush inner and outer lines with all parts in perfect proportion. Clever engineering narrowed the hinge gap reducing (if not eliminating) any water from being able to pass through the hinge.

The newly improved STEALTH inside cover looks contemporary; but, they feature a cutting edge invisible attachment system enabling the covers to simply click on and click off. Furthermore, it wouldn’t be from the Estelle stable if it didn’t offer more than just looks and innovation. It had to have advanced technology and functionality.

Our vision was to create a series of first-class frameless shower fittings, boasting a strong, solid, cosmetic presence, loaded with concealed innovation and cutting edge functionality that is without equal. Remaining true to our Australian design heritage, we’re very pleased to offer the STATESMAN series for your consideration.