Heavy Duty – Glass to Glass 180 degree inline hinges Rose Gold, Matte Black, Satin Nickel and Brushed Brass available


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Technical Data;
Manufacturer; Estelle ®
Item Description; c.
Material; Estelle ® specified forged Brass.
Load Rating; 40kg per pair. Max glass width not to exceed 800mm.
Glass Suitability; 10mm thickness, toughened safety glass.



- None slip POWERGRAB ® asbestos free packers.
- Fast fit slip on design.
- Self Closing from approximately 25 degrees.
- Dual action opens inwards and outwards.
- Allan tools and masonry drill bit supplied.
- Guaranteed for life.



Fitting Instructions;
- Before attaching the hinge clean both sides of the glass with Methylated spirits at contact points.